RESIST Music Video Out Now! Amazing Flow Arts & Breakdance video by Sunset & Chill!!

Mustafa Akbar | RESIST (Fort Knox Five Remix)
Official Music Video by Sunset & Chill
August 2020

Watch now on Youtube.


“Artistic expression is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of activists. Galvanizing talent from around the DMV, this project aimed to amplify the voice of the Black Lives Matter initiative. Collectively bringing their gifts together to inspire others to remain in the tension of the times, they raise their fists in defiance against tyranny and systemic racism in the United States. They resist peacefully through song, dance, and the radical expression of art – reminding fellow citizens real unity is not a lost cause.”

Press Coverage by The Uncommon District: How a diverse community harnesses its skills to support Black Lives Matter 


Directed By: Spencer Grundler
Producers: Sunset & Chill (Max Labasbas, Sam Stevens, Wade Hammes)
Edited By: Daniel Bowie
Music Contributed by: Mustafa Akbar, Fort Knox Five Recordings
1st AC: Shamal Halmat
Equipment Rental Courtesy of: Capital Camera Rentals

Rae Hopkins
Willow Snow
Coffin Nachtmar
AArrow Sign Spinners
Sonny Tran
Iman Bowman

Sunset & Chill:


Check out some behind the scenes shot from production, thanks to Max Labasbas:

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