Fort Knox Five’s “24 Hours To Set It Off” w/ Remixes by Deekline & Dirty Dubsters

“24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder”
by Fort Knox Five

Worldwide Release Date:
Friday January 29th, 2016

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport:

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    1. 24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder (Deekline Remix)
    2. 24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder (Dirty Dubsters Remix)
    3. 24 Hours To Set It Off ft. Sleepy Wonder (Original Mix)
    4. 24 Hours To Set It Off (Deekline Remix Instrumental)
    5. 24 Hours To Set It Off (Dirty Dubsters Remix Instrumental)
    6. 24 Hours To Set It Off (Instrumental Mix)

    The new single from Fort Knox Five is “24 Hours To Set It Off” featuring Sleepy Wonder with bombastic dancefloor remixes by Deekline and Dirty Dubsters.

    While top UK producer Deekline was visiting the studio in DC, Fort Knox Five enlisted him to transform the dancehall ska of “24 Hours To Set It Off” into a breakbeat anthem. As usual Deekline delivers the goods, twisting the original with a modern take on old school breaks. With its crisp breakbeats, Jungle influenced bass drops, old school rave piano stabs and epic builds, this track is a surefire ragga classic. On top of it all are Sleepy Wonder’s rapidfire vocals, when paired with Deekline’s beats somehow become more rugged and rough.

    Fort Knox Five is excited to welcome Dublin’s own Dirty Dubsters to the fold with their first remix on Fort Knox Recordings. The duo from Ireland were a natural fit, with a reputation for reggae flavored remixes done with their signature big drum beats and fat driving bass grooves. The Dubsters did just that, flipping the original into a lively two-step ragga breaks remix full of ska guitars and knee-wobbling bass lines. Whether nodding your head or full on skanking to the rhythm its impossible to stay still while listening to this one!

    Sleepy Wonder is a longtime collaborator with Fort Knox Five, so when the group sent him a fresh beat to write to, he fired back with a real time stream of consciousness dancehall rap about a day in his life. An ode to working with Fort Knox Recordings, the track is an uplifting and positive party vibe about working hard and having fun making music. Swinging big beats are accentuated with live guitars and horns, which come together perfectly to frame Sleepy’s lyrical tale. Fort Knox Five’s distinctive electronic tweaks, blips and bleeps pepper the track into a bubbly dancehall ska tune.

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