Fort Knox Five’s “Whatcha Gonna Do” Single Is Out Now!

Whatcha Gonna Do ft. Mustafa Akbar
by Fort Knox Five
FKX088 – Fort Knox Recordings
Released December 11th, 2015

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1. Whatcha Gonna Do (The Funk Hunters Remix)
2. Whatcha Gonna Do (Father Funk Remix)
3. Whatcha Gonna Do (Original Mix)
4. Whatcha Gonna Do (The Funk Hunters Remix Instrumental)
5. Whatcha Gonna Do (Father Funk Remix Instrumental)
6. Whatcha Gonna Do (Instrumental Mix)

Fort Knox Five is proud to present their latest single, “Whatcha Gonna Do” featuring Mustafa Akbar with killer remixes by The Funk Hunters and Father Funk.

Fort Knox Five’s longtime friends and brothers in funk, Vancouver-based The Funk Hunters have delivered one of the baddest floor-rocking remixes ever! This track debuted in the Fractal Forest at the 2015 Shambhala Music Festival where it electrified the masses and brought the crowd to a fever pitch. The Funk Hunters have injected their signature sound into “Whatcha Gonna Do” with big drops, huge hooks, and enough glitch and disco to make you put your hands up! This is a guaranteed banger full of West Coast synths and chunked out beats. Easy to see why this one is already a staple of The Funk Hunters amazing live sets.

The next “Whatcha Gonna Do” Remix is by Father Funk, the Leeds, UK based producer known for his clever remixes and smashing edits. Father Funk’s remix begins with Rob Myers’ retro wah-wah guitar and Mustafa Akbar’s soulful party chants then quickly escalates into a wobbly, bass heavy, butt-shaking glitch-hop monster! Hold on tight as Father Funk breaks it down, takes it back to the original soul vibe and then finishes strong with a deep groove.

The original mix of “Whatcha Gonna Do” featuring Mustafa Akbar is a quintessential Fort Knox Five slice of retro disco funk – straight from the ’70s – infused with tight, electronic production. With its live horns, funky guitar riffs and Mustafa Akbar’s soulful hooks, Fort Knox Five has created an irresistible party anthem. DJs and radio stations alike have rallied behind “Whatcha Gonna Do”, making it one of the lead tracks from Fort Knox Five’s 2015 album Pressurize The Cabin.

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