Remembering Jon

Jonathan Andrew Horvath
January 31, 1975 – August 21, 2015

Our dear brother Jon passed away peacefully on Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 12:22pm PST in Kamloops, British Columbia.

After many weeks in the hospital he left us peacefully, surrounded by his family and all the cards, pictures, notes and symbols of love and support that were sent to him from around the world.
We are all very saddened that his time with us was too short. But we are grateful that together we were able to produce some amazing music and create a unique record label that focuses on releasing music created by our close musical family.
We’d like to thank everyone for all of the comfort and assistance that we have been given during this difficult time.
Let’s continue to honor Jon’s memory by supporting each other in Music and in Life. It’s what Jon did, and it’s what he would want.
More details on memorials coming soon.
Feel free to share your thoughts and remembrances in the comments below.

Fort Knox Five

28 Comments on “Remembering Jon

  1.  by  Hank

    With great love comes great sorrow, and every today brings tomorrow….
    Respect Jon….it’s better now than before you got here.

  2.  by  Rae

    One of the most warm, welcoming, loving, funky, fresh, friendly weirdos I have ever had the pleasure to know. I will miss your smile, your big hugs and of course that beautiful fro. You are more than one of a kind, you are one that many learned from, loved through and inspired. You will live on through your music, your friends and through all those around the world dancing to your beat.

  3.  by  Ester

    Fractal Forest, at Shambhala August 2012 & 2014, King King Hollywood, multiple times, Adam & Nile’s Yurt at Burning Man 2012.

  4.  by  Velchecks

    Our time spent with you in Boulder is unforgettable. Our time spent with you on the Playa is unforgettable. You are unforgettable, and will be cherished always.

    “There is no feeling, except the extremes of fear and grief, that does not find relief in music”. Be strong and play on FK5. We’ll be there right along with you being strong.

  5.  by  dj SoulGator

    I discovered FK5 in the winter of 2006, in a cd shop in Thessaloniki, Greece. It was a very welcomed, warm surprise to me (as a dj and as a music listener of Jazz, Blues, Soul, Funk, African, Latin and World Music), listening to their “The New Gold Standard” compilation album. I always followed their steps sinds then and always play their tunes in public. R.I.P. Jon H.

  6.  by  Sean

    Sid, I appreciate you and Jon having accepted my FB friend request a few years ago. I wanted to briefly share one of the kind memories I have with Jon. I’m probably one of Jon’s only FB friends who is a republican voting Mormon guy in Utah. During the last presidential election Jon and some friends had a discussion going through comments on FB about Mitt Romney, Mormons and other things. As I joined the conversation some didn’t like hearing my perspective but Jon was quick to calm nerves, express kindness, and was very respectful of my beliefs and perspective. He also encouraged similar responses from his other friends. This might not be a big deal, but besides being a very funky white guy, this is how I will remember Jon Horvath! All the best to the Fort Knox Five family at this difficult time!

  7.  by  Skunky

    Found my feet clubbing at the hacienda and freepartys in the UK. Finally got some decks in 2000 and was drawn to the breaks. Kraak n smaak, fingerlickin recs, etc. But above all else FK5 were my number 1! Even had fk5 slip mats! Very sad loss, but what a legacy! Loves xxx

  8.  by  Daniel Wherrett

    Dj Dan here….
    Jon was truly a shining light in my life and I always felt like he was my little brother. We knew each other for over 17 years and he used to always tell me that I was the person that inspired him to get into this music. This made me very proud because he achieved a high level of success by just being himself and letting the music speak for itself. I miss talking with him on a weekly basis about music and just catching up on all our friends we have in common. Jon was like family and he is so greatly missed by all. Here’s a story I’d like everyone to know…..

    Last year at Burning Man during my sunrise set, Jon and I witnessed a man going into convulsions and what appeared to be a seizure. We immediately stopped the music and Jon ran for over a mile in the burning hot sun to get the medics.
    When Jon returned, he was drenched in sweat but thought nothing of it. The medics demanded we all leave the area to treat this man and we left the area very scared for his life because we knew it was serious. We were so shaken up and looked at each other and realized we had never been that close to witnessing someone die before. It turns out the medics said the man’s situation was so severe that he could have died had it not been for Jon’s selfless efforts to get help.
    Afterwards, we sat in my yurt together for 3 hours talking about how totally shaken up we were about what we had witnessed and how we hoped the guy was going to live. I kept telling Jon how crazy it was that he most likely saved this guy’s life. Again, he didn’t think anything of it because that’s just how Jon is, we kept checking in and found out the next day that the man had survived and was going to be okay.
    Everyone was relieved and all I could think about was that Jon is an angel on earth. He is now an angel above as well. Respect, Love and Light my brother!!!!!!

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  10.  by  Christie Petersen Kairos

    Here’s our funky brother Jon Horvath and Steve Raskin playing WTF……last Summer – FK5’s first year at What The Festival in Oregon……….we were SO HYPED that Jon and FK5 had more Oregon Connections playing in Portland at HOWL and Eugene…..some other Festies and then W.T.F. !!! I first was introduced to FK5 back in 2006……when they came through Vancouver B.C……….I didn’t know much about the Funky brothers – but my husband Supa Sunshine had become a true Funk believer after catching them at Shambhala a few years before…..Playing FK5’s remix of “The Battle of John and Yoko” that put a smile on everyone’s faces and a groove in their Hearts…… when I saw this Funky White Boy with a Giant Ass Fro behind the decks – layin’ down some butt bumpin tracks….I grew a such a huge grin on my face and caught his infectious boogie in my Soul! After that – we caught every FK5 show from Whistler to Black Rock City…….even a very late afternoon set at Opulent Temple a few years ago – where – everyone must have been eating or refueling – because Jon played his heart out for 2 people – me and my husband – and we danced so hard to show him our appreciation……we felt honored to have caught that set. After reading everyone’s posts and memories of Jon……we feel even MORE lucky and blessed to have spent time with him…..not just dancing to his funky beats……but getting to know this Amazing Human Being’s energy and passion for music, the world, life……..Jon didn’t know a stranger……..remembered everyone he met……..was one of the Good Guys…..a very bright star in the Universe…….STILL IS. Thank you my friend. We love you Jon and will KEEP THE FUNK ALIVE…….you Funky White Boy !!! XOXOXO

  11.  by  ananda

    I came across Fort Knox Five on Soundcloud about three years ago and Brazilian Hipster has been in heavy rotation in my playlist ever since. It’s the rare song that I won’t ever skip whenever it comes on because it’s the perfect groove for any mood.

    FK5 introduced me to a whole genre of musical exploration and I’m very saddened to hear of Jon’s passing. Thank you for all the wonderful music and wishing the FK5 family the best during these times.

  12.  by  misterG/greenarrowradio

    Peacefully be….thank you Jon for sharing your ways with ours.


  13.  by  Smyth Boone

    Thanks for the music. Much Respect. Groove on.
    RIP brother Jon.

  14.  by  Myagi

    Miss you man.

    Every time we met you brought a smile to my face. Playing after you was always tough – you left seas of happy people all over the place. Your tunes were impeccable, your skills were incredible and you were one of the humblest, purest souls I’ve ever met.

    Better for having known you.


  15.  by  Evan Shafran

    Thank you for your love and thank you for your light. Thank you for the Funk. Thank you for the blessings. Thank you for the Spliffs. Thank you for the lessons. Xoxoxo ❤️✨

  16.  by  Josh

    Hi, Jon was my neighbor when I first moved to DC and was the most welcoming and friendliest person in the building. I just heard the sad news and was devastated. I hadn’t seen him taking his dog out for a walk in a while and am truly in shock. Jon – you’ll be missed in Bloomingdale.

  17.  by  Neal - Som Records

    RIP Jon. You passed on what would have been my mom’s 75th birthday which makes me feel even more a kinship towards you than we had already. I’ll miss hearing you spin and running into you in the neighborhood. You always had a smile and a kind word. Hope you’re making funky music at the great gig in the sky. See you on the other side brother!

  18.  by  Jeff McClain

    I’m very heartbroken. I’m not exaggerating. The “Bob and Tom Show” plays one of your funky songs almost every day in the USA. I bought the album, and I listen to it at least a few times a week.

    Your band should contact I’ll bet that they don’t know what happened. I’ve been following you for a little less than a month. I’m sorry that I didn’t hear you earlier. I care about you very much.

    Jeff McClain
    773 654 6327

  19.  by  julie hilden-miller

    I didn’t know Jon but from what I’ve seen he was most definitely a remarkable musician, friend and human being. May all of you that knew him and loved him so deeply find strength, healing and peace through this great period of loss. The good die young. May his music live on for eternity. xo

  20.  by  mario

    RIP Jon, well what to say … I am sad to hear of your passing, was a great fan of yours, saw you some years ago here in Vancouver B.C. and it was the greatest dancing night I ever attended …. WOW you just blow me away … thanks for the music !

  21.  by  Eddb

    With love, respect, thanks, reminiscence of flipper ache from all the previous raises and the obligatory flippers up, hip bumps and big loves we at the pond salute the JH and FK5 family x thank you x

  22.  by  Benoit Bouedec

    I met jonh in Bali disco on summer 2003, next i never stop listening FK5…
    funk in peace guy.
    Courage les gars
    Ben from french polynesie

  23.  by  peter gilbert

    R.I.P… We’ll make sure your music lives on

  24.  by  Garry Velletri

    I can’t believe we’ve lost Jon. He was the coolest and a great friend. I will always have the fondest of memories for Jon. His music lives on…

  25.  by  fulvio

    too early… – great respect – r.i.p. – have a nice trip

  26.  by  Owen Bayona

    He was one-fourth of Fort Knox Five, who were instrumental in creating a whole new take on ‘60s and ‘70s funk. Infusing feel-good vibes with electronic beats and elements of world music, Horvath and the FK5 are seen by many as the biggest innovators of modern funk music.

  27.  by  trevor mcnamee

    So sad to hear about Jon leaving us so soon and a timely reminder to live life to the full as he did. Jon was a friend of mine and was always willing to take time out to talk on the phone about the state of the business, help me out with some contacts and generally help me advance my business in the UK the same way he was doing in the US. We hung out a few times and he was always super hospitable. Way before vegas became EDM central FK5 were holding down a residency there helping shape what it has now become and when my wife and I stopped by Jon made sure we were hooked up. When the news came through that he had gone the amount of people from all over the world who were connected with Jon became apparent by the shared loss on social media. Sincerest sympathies to those who were closest to him and thanks for this chance to say a few words about Jon and what he meant to me.

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