Free Download: “It’s Your Voodoo Working – DC’s Finest Remint)

On Saturday October 29th, the Fort Knox Five band will perform live at the Voodoo Music Experience 2011!! The Voodoo Music Experience is a 3 day festival in New Orleans – October 28-30, 2011. The FK5 band will play live at 4:30pm on the “Red Bulletin LE PLUR Stage”, so join us there to funk it up in fine style!! We are stoked to play this massive festival and are giving out a brand new, exclusive DC’s Finest Remint – Fort Knox Five vs. Charles Sheffield “It’s Your Voodoo Working.” Just put your email address in the blank below, hit enter and download instructions will be emailed to you.

It’s Your Voodoo Working (DC’s Finest Remint) by fortknoxfive

2 Comments on “Free Download: “It’s Your Voodoo Working – DC’s Finest Remint)

  1.  by  David Avendano

    This is music, this is wonderful music 🙂

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