Free Download of Ready or Crunk (DC’s Finest Edit)!!

Jon H of Fort Knox Five is about to embark on a two week tour with DJ performances all over the UK and Europe. In celebration of the “Peaceful Invasion Tour”, Fort Knox Five is giving away one of its exclusive edits. To download “READY OR CRUNK (DC’s Finest Edit)” – Fort Knox Five vs Opiuo vs The Fugees, simply enter your email address in the blank below and download instructions will be mailed to you.



30 Comments on “Free Download of Ready or Crunk (DC’s Finest Edit)!!

  1.  by  Brett Robinson

    Instructions for free download

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  3.  by  Tim

    Big up yourselves FK5 = mad massive funk

  4.  by  sven

    good track wonderful yesssssssssss…….

  5.  by  Nilzenn

    Gimme this tune!!! MASSIVE Remix!

  6.  by  simon

    I’d like the free download please

  7.  by  john

    is this the box we type in to get the download?

  8.  by  john

    hello hello fk5 cant you just send the link to those f us already on your mail list? Cos this aint workin!! And we need the funky fresh choon!

  9.  by  ari

    umm.. is this the “blank below” for the free download?

  10.  by  Colin Dangelo-Kemp

    thanks for the free music!!

    i would def support an east coast tour if you are coming thru!!

  11.  by  Om Aloha

    I love you guys since you dropped ‘the ballad of john n yoko’ at shambhala about 5 or 6 years ago… best of the best to you

  12.  by  Lawrence

    Fantastic mix, thanks for sharing.


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