Fort Knox Recordings presents “SABOR TROPICAL” by the Empresarios

Fort Knox Recordings presents
Debut full length album from EMPRESARIOS
Released Tuesday January 11th, 2011

From the opening track on Sabor Tropical, you already know you’re in for a diverse ride of styles.  The album smoothly combines latin funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton on a groove-oriented tip, perfectly balancing beats for both the headphones and dancefloor. The album is sophisticated and sexy, while still staying true to its roots.  Sabor Tropical effortlessly transports you from the relaxing beaches of Playa del Carmen to the streets of Spanish Harlem, and everywhere in between.

The 15 sun-drenched vibes on Sabor Tropical are perfect for a warm-up session or a nice cool down at any time of the year.  Fort Knox Recordings are excited to bring you this new album, which continues their mission of showcasing new, modern global sounds from the nation’s capital.

01.  Smoke for Thought
02.  Siesta
03.  Sabor Tropical
04.  Pensamiento
05. Negrita Linda
06. Cumbia
07.  Pereo Intenso
08.  Grouper Soup
09.  Happy Track
10. The Source
11. Let it Up
12. Sohl
13. Lock In
14. Dog is Everywhere
15. Space Selector

Available on CD Tuesday January 11th, 2011 at

Available as MP3 Tuesday January 11th, 2011 at

Available at all other digital outlets (iTunes, Juno, etc) on
Tuesday January 25th, 2011

What the critics have to say about the “Sabor Tropical” Album:

Huffington Post:
Javier Miranda has “great taste in music. That shows through on this 15-track album, with a lot of solid cuts and a few outstanding ones, most notably the Latin funky title track and the reggaeton-cumbia banger “Negrita Linda.” This record will be coming out from my DJ bag often in the near future” – Darek Beres

Big Shot Magazine:
“Combining Latin funk, cumbia, dub and reggaeton, Sabor Tropical is oozing with, er, sabor.”

Inside World Music:
“The Washington, D.C.-based band of modern Latin-funk is hitting the streets with the most impressive dance beats, trip hop rhythms, and dub-step on the market today. The Latin grooves border on jazz styles that heat up any occasion or mood…. All in all, a good mix of vocals, modern sounds, and eclectic sounds paved by earlier artists, notably Nortec Collective, make Sabor Tropical an unforgettable release to start the new year and cause a January thaw wherever it is played. ~ Matthew Forss

Culture Remixed:
“I didn’t know all that much about Empresarios before diving into their record.  The album title definitely suggests a Latin influence on the record.  Through the album I have realized that the band has a very open ear to music from all different corners of the world.  The success of Sabor Tropical is the ability of Empresarios to put their own stamp on the music flowing through their radar.”

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